Miles 121 – 440

With rain storms in every direction, we checked weather reports to avoid strong thunderstorms on our way out of Albert Lea, Minnesota. Scattered rain was expected during the day’s drive south toward Kansas City, Missouri.

We had been told that it takes a people person to tow a teardrop trailer because it is an attraction. Right away we were finding that to be true. Driving along, the teardrop trailer gained a number of curious stares and thumbs up signals. Earl had to start developing his tour patter on the first day of travel by showing our Vistabule to a man at a rest stop. In the campground on the second day, the young clerk at the campground store had never heard of a teardrop and was curious.

After two nights of camping in chilly weather, we had no problem waking early to get hitched up and ready to go just as rain clouds were rolling in. Our first stop before leaving the Albert Lea, MN area was to pick up breakfast. We had bantered about the possibility of taking the trailer through a fast food drive up lane. A truck stop with a straight drive up entrance gave me an easy opportunity. As we sat at the speaker box, Earl jumped out to take a photo, and the worker hung way out of the order window to get a good look of the Vistabule.

Fast Food Drive Up

Fast Food Drive Up with the Vistabule

Next we headed for groceries. I pulled in the parking lot along side of a beautiful RV.

Vistabule parked beside an RV

Beauty Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Soon after Earl headed across the parking lot for groceries, a man drove by, circled back and stepped out to take pictures of Lily. I offered him a look inside and had a pleasant conversation. He was excited to hear that the Vistabule was made nearby in St. Paul.

Later as we unpacked groceries from the cart, a woman stopped and asked numerous questions from her SUV. She was enthusiastic, but saw we were about to leave and was too polite to accept a tour.

That day’s drive was a mix of sunshine and clouds with the promised scattered showers. The gray skies were easy on the eyes, and temperatures pleasant. There were wind gusts between 20 and 30 mph, but the Vistabule handled well.

We passed through areas with flood waters that were still rising, so instead of camping we opted to stay in a hotel near the Interstate for the night.


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