Miles 441 – 565

Leaving Kansas City, Missouri, we headed southwest to Fort Scott, Kansas then swung due south to make our way to my sister’s home. Along the way sunshine broke through the clouds and made it a pleasant drive.

Due to Earl having a set vacation period, we planned to stay two nights to visit my sister. After Lily was unhitched and secured, we headed out to a restaurant for an evening meal and enjoyed catching up; telling Earl some of our family tales.

The next day was warm and sunny. It gave us time to tour the small town in the morning, then straighten out and finish packing Lily in the afternoon. A friendly couple from the neighborhood drove by and saw us working with Lily’s galley hatch and side doors open, so they swung back around to get a tour of the teardrop.

The following day we expected to leave around noon, but we ended up spending a third night in town because evening thunderstorms were in the forecast.

By mid-morning our last day in Kansas, the sky was partly cloudy and the weather report promised a couple of nice days ahead. We set out to follow the sun – excited with the thought that, just maybe, we would get to do more actual camping!


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