Miles 717 – 974

The Lake Fort Smith park ranger had given Earl a tip about where to locate a more sturdy permanent coupler lock than the one we were using.

We easily found Crabtree RV Center in Alma, Arkansas and bought a couple of items. They have a well organized set up of services and seem to handle just about anything that pertains to RVs.

The sales clerk was interested to see our Teardrop, plus he had the excuse of coming out to check that the lock fit properly. So, he had a tour. As he and Earl headed back into the store to complete the purchase, a lady drove up and started asking questions. She said she had a year old Casita that bounced all over the road when towed, so she wanted to replace it. I was happy to show her our amenities and explain how well the Vistabule behaved while towed.

Near Alma, Arkansas we switched to Interstate 40 heading east.

Northwest of Memphis, we camped at Lake Poinsett State Park, Arkansas.

Lake Poinsett State Park

Lake Poinsett State Park, Arkansas

It was a lovely wooded campground. We decided to stay a couple of nights as a break from driving. The slightly higher priced lakeside campsites seemed to have mere glimpses of the lake due to so many trees. On a walk around the campground loop, I was delighted to see a Little Free Library.

Little Free Library

Little Free Library – Lake Poinsett State Park Campground

Our site was just a bit of a walk from the restrooms. It was an excuse to try out erecting the changing room tent and placing a portable toilet in it.

Lake Poinsett SP Campsite

Campsite – Lake Poinsett State Park, Arkansas

We angled the little rectangular changing room tent to give us a bit of privacy from the other campsites.

Campsite Set Up

Campsite Set Up at Lake Poinsett

Later we found that it was too close to the teardrop. When we propped open the Vistabule’s door, the corners almost touched and did not leave room to walk between the two. Another mistake was placing down an outdoor rug as an afterthought. We just folded it to fit the space as well as possible. Live and learn.

Teardrop Traveling: Camp Set Up Tips

For two nights, we were parked next to a gleaming restored vintage Airstream. I would have loved to see inside, and kicked myself later for not chatting up the owners. Shiny silver Lily was like a mini-me to the Airstream.

Open Galley

Open Galley at Lake Poinsett State Park

Meanwhile, the Vistabule was a minor celebrity at the campground. We had three groups come through to tour and ask lots of questions during our stay.

NEWS UPDATE: Lake Poinsett is scheduled to be drained during late summer 2017 for structural repairs and projects to revitalize the habitat. After work is completed, the lake is expected to refill naturally by 2020 or 2021.

Region 8 ABC News: Fishing lake to be drained this summer, remain closed for years


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    • Congratulations on joining the Vistabule Community! I know it is difficult to wait to pickup your new purchase! Thank you, glad to be helpful for you. __Colleen


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