Miles 975 – 1451

Heading out of Lake Poinsett State Park into a beautiful morning we continued on the Interstate through Memphis.

Half way to Nashville, TN there was an exit for the Natchez Trace State Park, so we veered off the Interstate to drive into the park. We found the park’s Pin Oak Lodge open for lunch.

Pin Oak Lodage, Tennessee

Pin Oak Lodge at Natchez Trace State Park, Tennessee

I had once driven along a section of the Natchez Trace Parkway in Mississippi, but Earl had never heard of it. I explained it to him as an old Indian Trail stretching from Tennessee to Mississippi that was a significant route during the Civil War.

Later I read that this Natchez Trace State Park in Tennessee is on an alternate route of the Old Natchez Trail.

Natchez State Park Wildersville, Tennessee

Back on the Interstate, a light state of doldrums seemed to hit both of us as we realized our trip was coming to an end. We were back into familiar territory with work and home crowding into our thoughts.

At a reststop in the afternoon, we gave two more couples tours of the Vistabule before getting back on the road.

As the Interstate curved northeast to Nashville we decided on another night at a hotel. We figured the break would leave us rested and we could arrive home the next day with plenty of time and energy to unpack and secure Lily in her storage unit.

Early on the final day we were on the last stretch of Interstate heading southeast homeward bound. We made a beeline from Nashville to our Georgia destination.

It really was bittersweet to have to end our first journey with Lily.

I was a bit sad that it had not felt wise to take the more northern route as previously planned, due to areas of flooding and additional storms along the way.

We had missed out on campgrounds I had planned for us to visit, like Big Spring, Missouri, Land Between the Lakes, and Mammoth Caves, KY. They were places I had been to as a child and wanted Earl to experience.

Earl was more philosophical, He reminded me that with Lily we could go to the places we missed at another time, and we had already made great memories on the trip as it was. He reassured me that we fulfilled the objective of the trip; we picked-up our new Vistabule, got broken in with towing her, and brought her home.

So, our take away lesson from traveling to pick up Lily our Vistabule Teardrop Trailer has been:
Part of the fun of a trip is in the anticipation of planning for it.
Part of the fun of a trip is in enjoying it as it happens.
Part of the fun of a trip is in reliving the memories of it.


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