Dawdle: Ditched Plans

In spite of hopes and bravado, my rib cage is healing normally instead of as quickly as willed. I am probably not yet in condition to manage hours of driving and several days of camping. So, we have ditched our trip to experience totality during the total solar eclipse in Tennessee.

Fortunately, we were able to switch our reservation dates without penalty to a different campsite in the same campground. Thank you to the State Parks System of Tennessee!

The second silver lining is that someone else will be able to have a last minute chance to grab a great campsite near totality. A sweet find.

Here at home during the solar eclipse, we will just “travel” up to our apartment building’s rooftop parking area which is normally empty.

We frequently go there to see the skyline and stars at night, or look over the progress of current construction projects around us during daylight.

It is also a fabulous place to take in our city’s Fourth of July fireworks display, which are shot from the grounds of an office complex that is across the street.

I am not expecting anyone else to be on the roof for the solar eclipse. Our metro area is having weekend festivals to celebrate the solar eclipse, but otherwise business as normal.

So, we now expect be enjoying our time together with some tunes and snacks while experiencing 97% totality on Monday, August 21, 2017.


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