Throw Back Thursday – Trailers

The photo below of my mother and her girlfriends was taken in front of my parents’ temporary travel trailer home. I believe it was shot the summer of 1948 in Beaufort, South Carolina.

Image: 1948 Trailer

Trailer, summer of 1948, Beaufort, South Carolina

Gene, my mother, is the beauty standing on the left. She would have been twenty-one years old, a young mother of a year old daughter.

Bill, my father, back from war was stationed at Parris Island and the trailer park was filled with young Marine couples. After my sister was born at the Naval Hospital in Beaufort, South Carolina, they felt lucky to be able to move into that small trailer.

My parents had started married life with shared quarters, renting a single bedroom in a family home in Beaufort.

Four years after the photo of the women and the trailer was taken, I was born in my father’s home state of Kansas. By that time my father had left the military and began working at Boeing Aircraft Company in Wichita.

Later, my dad switched to working Civil Service with the Air Force and He gained generous vacation time. Each year my parents would wait for their tax return to pay for our camping trip, anywhere from $100 to $300!

Endless ham sandwiches and stopping at every free historical site along the way were the hallmarks of my parent’s method of travel. We camped through about 40 states in the fifties and sixties.

In the early sixties, our family graduated from tent camping out of our yellow Rambler station wagon into a green and white Dreamer truck camper on a white automatic Chevrolet short bed pickup truck.

Image: camper on ferry

Dreamer Camper on ferry across the Mississippi River

During our family trips south to visit my mother’s relatives, a couple of times we veered over to Beaufort, SC to call upon my parents’ first landlord and his family. So, as a school aged child, though the trailer park was gone, I actually got to see the little bedroom my parents had rented as newlyweds.

Little did I know that, about forty years after that picture of the women in front of the trailer, a job would pluck me from Indiana to live for three years in Beaufort, South Carolina.


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