Organization Part 3 of 5 – Galley

This is the third (photo heavy) part of our Doze Dine Dawdle Organization Series to share details: 1) Initial Steps, 2) Car, 3) Galley, 4) Cabin, and 5) Exterior Storage Box.

This is how our Vistabule’s galley looks when it is first opened at a campsite. The only difference is that the white pass-through privacy panels (behind the screens) are open while driving.

We carry two small fire extinguishers in our car while towing, and set one out between the trailer and campfire after arriving. That usually means the camp canister is sheltered under the picnic table.

Notice that we choose to do without a propane cook stove, which would normally be installed in the center of the counter area.

Image: Travel Ready Galley

Travel Ready Galley

Starting from the top left: The upper left cabinet has four sections.

Image: Upper Left Cabinet

Upper Left Cabinet

The top shelf holds our decaffeinated drinks: varieties of herbal teas, lemonade mix and a small jar of instant coffee or decaf coffee grounds.

Below it is a shelf with a black silicone drip coffee maker, a stack of small coffee filters and a jar of sweetener.

Image: Top Two Shelves of Upper Left

Top two shelves of Upper Left

The rod in the third section holds: masking tape, duct tape and a roll of paper towels

Inside the bottom box with a hinged lid: small amounts of several spices are stored in labeled and stacked small containers that screw together as one tube (sold in pharmacies to hold pills), and several small plastic containers hold larger amounts of spices used regularly.

Image: Upper Left - Lower Two Sections

Left Upper: Lower Two Sections

To the upper right is a cabinet with three sections, shelves at top and bottom with a lidded silverware drawer in the center.

At the top of the upper right cabinet is a shelf holding two thermal drink glasses with plastic lids, a jar of homemade ranch mix, a jar of corn chowder dry mix, a ladle, a scoop (not seen) and silicone hot pads. (We just purchased stainless steel straws for the drink tumblers and will be stashing them in the next trip.)

Image: Upper Right Shelf

Upper Right Shelf

The center silverware drawer has a hinged lid. At left are: a plastic scoop, and a random package of instant potatoes. The top horizontal section holds: pot lifter, can openersteak and butter knives (2 each). The center holds: a small whisk, four forks and four spoons. The bottom section holds: 4 corn cob holders, 2 small tongs, and two sets of sturdy plastic utensils.

Image: Center Upper Right: Silverware Drawer

Center Upper Right: Silverware Drawer

A bottom shelf holds: a small jar with a mix of dried vegetables to add to omelets (diced, dry – red and green sweet peppers, celery, onions and mushrooms), a jar of dried tomatoes, small packages of dried spinach, dried onions, and mushrooms. (Dried and canned foods we carry serve as back-up provisions and staples in case of emergencies. We normally eat fresh and frozen foods.) Also, stuffed in this shelf for easy access is a quilted hot pad and 2 gloves for handling high temperatures.

Image: Upper Right Bottom Shelf

Upper Right Bottom Shelf

Across the counter, from left to right: a cutting board is atop the sink, the black battery monitor is plugged in, and the induction cooktop rides on the left. The cooktop is moved to the center when operated. (When traveling we also cook with a thermal cooker, BioLight Campstove2 with Kettkepot and Grill, plus a Fire Box Stove, including a Zebra pot and pans for use as an oven.)

Image: Travel Ready Galley

Travel Ready Galley

The sink holds: a small bottle of Dawn dish soap, a small bottle of Camp Suds, a round scrubber, a handle held scrubber and a bottle sprayer to rinse dishes with water. The Vistabule has 9 gallon clean water and gray water tanks. The water pump for the water (no hot water) is quiet and, beside the faucet, there is also a long-neck spray nozzle.

The bottom cabinet at left (under the sink amongst the plumbing lines) holds our BioLite Campstove2, along with items that are used with water: a water filter, clean water hose, water pressure regulating valve, water jug (collapsible), two small tubs (collapsible),  a funnel, and a foldable pet pool (used to collect shower water.)

Image: Cabinet Under Sink

Cabinet Under Sink

At bottom center, a pull out shelf holds the portable Dometic refrigerator freezer. In it, we use two sets of rectangular collapsible containers to hold food. Blue ice blocks are rotated between the refrigerator freezer and our cooler, with at least one blue ice block in the freezer at all times when we are traveling.

Image: Dometic Refrigerator Freezer

Dometic Refrigerator Freezer on Slide Out

The bottom cabinet at right has a slide out bread board at top with three drawers underneath.

Image: Three Galley Drawers Closed

Three Galley Drawers Closed

On the top, smallest depth drawer, we place a thin cutting mat and a thicker plastic cutting board. Inside this drawer are: slow cooker bags (for use in the thermal cooker), 2 microfiber wash cloths, salad tongs, hand mixer, food thermometer, medium whisk, 2 wooden spoons, a short handled spatula, a serving spoon and a package of fire lighters. I also add 2 clean cloth dishtowels before each trip.

Image: Top Galley Drawer

Top Galley Drawer

The middle drawer is topped with two plastic plates. The drawer holds: paper hot and cold cups, plastic lids for hot cups, aluminum pie pans and wet wipes.

Image: Middle drawer of galley

Middle drawer of Galley

The bottom, deepest depth drawer is topped with a silver heat protector for the counter top. Inside the drawer are: a spiralizer, a small cast iron pan, a pot and lid, a handheld strainer, a stack of plastic bowls and lids, 2 plastic cups, 2 red drink cozies, 2 ceramic coffee cups, and a small plastic storage container with lid. At bottom, there is  a peg board with bamboo pegs which secure and cushion the cup, pot and pan in position during travel.

Image: Bottom drawer of galley

Bottom drawer of Galley

Our Teardrop Trailer stores a lot more belongings than most people would expect! We definitely are not minimalist campers, we are travelers.

Though several years away, we are gearing up for full-time travel. This means organizing to carry the comforts we would like on-hand; making sense of the space we have. On short trips we do not need and do not carry everything shown or mentioned.

The five part Doze Dine Dawdle Organization Series will continue with two additional posts to give more details: 4) Cabin, and 5) Exterior Storage Box.


One thought on “Organization Part 3 of 5 – Galley

  1. If Gail and I ever take up traveling as you and Earl have done, you will have to come back here To set up our camper. Great job guys. Happy travels always.


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