Miles 2895 – 2905

Lily, our Vistabule, has been stored away for the first half of 2018.  Yep, a recent little ten mile round trip. We finally had a chance to roll her out on Sunday, July 9th as part of Vistabule’s “Ambassadors Program.”

We had a meetup with a really great couple, Steve and Brenda, who were interested in a hands-on view of the Vistabule. There happened to be a kids’ hero theme day being held at the museum where we parked. So, several families and a couple of individuals also stopped by for a quick look.

Then, Lily went back into storage probably for the rest of the summer. She gets a new DampRid and battery check periodically.

During the lull in posts we have traveled by air for additional business and family visits.

Otherwise, Earl has been putting in long hours for work. At home he enjoys genealogy, movies, updates with his gaming buddies, and more work.

I have been trying out various crafts that do not require a lot of storage space. Right now that means various techniques of making buttons, from historical to modern. Also, I have started making Japanese knot bags, and gathered materials for Sashiko and Kumihimo projects.

Keep enjoying life between camping trips!

2 Dorset buttons and a pair of embroidery scissors

Dorset Buttons